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Our Newest Collection as Relay Run Co.

In expanding our RLY activewear into Relay Run Co., I wanted to give a nod towards where we have been as a brand while simultaneously gesturing towards where we are headed in future collections to come. As a result, we have 3 new pieces that bridge this gap from yoga to running for us, with a good amount of flair and fun thrown in: the Belmont Bra, the Rachel Pocket Shorts, and the Resort Tee. Here's why these are so special, and it's not just because you can create an amazing matching set.

belmont bra, in colors "swimming pool" and "summer storm," by relayrunco

The Belmont Bra:

A supportive bra meant for cross-training or lighter impact activities (though our A cup runners have happily run 10 milers in it). Featuring removable padding and adjustable straps, this sports bra also doubles very easily as an absurdly comfortable daily bra.

rachel pocket shorts, women's running shorts with pockets, in colors "swimming pool" and "summer storm"

The Rachel Pocket Shorts:

You can think of these as the very popular Hayley 5 in. Shorts...but even better. (Yes, we said that.) Things that we especially love about these running shorts: the waistband will not give you muffin top. It simply will not. If there is one thing that really drives me nuts about shorts, it is when they press against my midsection too much when running: these 1000% do not do that but are simply very comfortable and supportive. Secondly, these shorts stay put. You are not going to be experiencing any riding up or chafing here. Thirdly, even if you thought you were a short shorts person, you will like this extremely dialed in length of a 5.7 inch inseam. This length looks and feels good on everybody on whom we tested these shorts. Last and definitely not least: the Rachel Pocket Shorts, as the name may have hinted to you, have big pockets on either side for your phone or other on-the-run essentials. Ok, and actually last but not least (we could go on and on about these): this fabric must be felt to be believed. I will literally Venmo you money for a post-run ice cream cone if you get them and don't think they are the best fabric shorts in your running wardrobe (not kidding here).

The Resort Tee:

Yes, yes, we all have plenty of those scratchy dri-fit tech tees from races, but....wouldn't you rather wear this? Simply put, this is just a really, really, really cool top (we mean that both figuratively and literally!). Meant for wearing pre-run and post-run, the Resort Tee looks super high end, and will keep you cool and comfortable going to and from your run (or brunch, or grocery shopping). We also love this one for workouts like lifting, and the two most favorite features of everyone who has tried this one are 1.) how actually cool the fabric feels against your skin, and 2.) the what I would call "fashion pockets" on the sides. This tee is a special limited edition available in pink lemonade and spa blue (so even if you aren't at a resort, you feel just a little bit more relaxed while wearing this one).

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