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Laps We've Run, Designs We've Done: July & August Edition.

We've had a really wild July and August is looking to be a similar month. It has been so hot around our Charlottesville HQ that at least the weather has been conducive to really getting that work done in the A/C!

New releases:

We launched the Sunday Essentials Pocket Tee in three dynamic, pastel, tie-dye colorways. This new tee is made of 100% cotton and super soft, and we've had a lot of interest from running shops in getting this one as a wholesale item to personalize!

sunday essentials pocket tee in all 3 colorways

Also new are our Back to Fall bundles, the first of which includes the unreleased matching set in forest. The totally new Belmont Leggings are made of an actually absurdly soft brushed performance fabric...and, we are not sure whether our color "forest" is actually green, or brown, or maybe grey? Is this set the 2022 version of the internet famous "is it black and blue or gold and white?" dress of 2015 (except this is less a tricky photograph and really just a super neat interesting neutral colorway). Find it here to see for yourself. Lively, interesting, beautiful colors have always been part of our RLY brand, and this goes for upcoming launches too! (Expect the long awaited 3 inch inseam version of the Rachel Pocket Shorts in early September!)


In Development:

Forthcoming in development is a wind jacket!! This is a pattern that we have spent a lot of time refining and getting just right, and thanks to input from our local running shop, we've got the reflective accents really dialed in. This has a super comfy mesh lining, two zipper side pockets, adjustable hood, and some sleek stripes incorporated into the design which give it a bit of a retro flair. Oh, and did we mention that it is water-resistant?! Water just beads right off the fabric!

closeup of water resistant running jacket

Did someone say "singlet season"? (Is that a thing? It is now!) We've got some new singlet designs in production right now for September release, which is perfect timing for those races in hopefullly crisper fall air than what we're experiencing right now: expect to see some remarkable technical fabrics which you've never seen from us before, super special limited edition releases (get one when they launch may not get one), and colored reflective accents!! The first one dropping is a truly collaborative design effort between Ann and Phillip, and we're really proud of it!

Beyond the Design Studio:

We returned to Pittsburgh (Ann's hometown) in early July for a 4th of July 5k. Despite the race being held at 9am on a course with no shade, it was still way cooler than running in the Virginia swampy humidity! 

Near the end of July, Ann spoke and taught yoga to the campers at Blue Ridge Running Camp in Harrisonburg, and in the first week of August, she taught a virtual yoga for runners class at Longwood Cross Country Camp in Farmville.

We also started featuring our adoptable pets of the month from one of our 2022 beneficiaries, the Louisa Humane Society, on our Instagram: so our IG is now a source of both cute clothing and cute cats and dogs! We've got new ones about every week, and so far we've featured cats Precious, Holly, and Ripple, and dogs Timothy, Fritz, and Randy! We're also in the midst of hosting a giveaway to support the Louisa Humane Society (they can earn up to $1000 from us), which you can enter here! We've got more community events in the works too!

Stay tuned next month for another update on designs being done, laps being run at Relay Run Co.

 yoga for runners sunset