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1% to Animal Rescue

We are extremely proud to be donating 1% of all purchases to animal rescue nonprofits.

Our 2023 beneficiaries are:

Louisa Humane Society (Louisa, VA)

Frankie's Friends Cat Rescue (Pittsburgh, PA)

Frankie's Friends (Tampa, FL)

The Inspiration

This aspect of our business was inspired by our 3 adopted cat children: Boo Boo, Butters, and Little Nuggie.

Boo Boo and Butters are siblings who Phillip found abandoned roadside while he was on a photoshoot. Boo Boo is a "momma's boy" who greets Ann every time she comes back from a run. Boo Boo's all time favorite toy is a fresh green bean from the fridge, which Mom always makes sure to rinse off for him first. He is a very spoiled boy who insists on his nighttime "splishy" routine in the hall bathtub (Mom puts the faucet on for him to play in) before he can go to sleep near Mom's feet. Butters is a 6 pound wee tortie who loves when she gets special attention and especially loves sitting on Mom at every opportunity, being selective about treats, and getting wrapped up in cotton muslin blankets for naps.

Little Nuggie is our miracle cat! In October 2021, one of Ann's yoga students showed up with a black kitten at the start of class. Turns out Little Nuggie had survived 7 miles in the wheel well of an SUV to get to her future mom's yoga! Little Nuggie is our least coordinated, goofiest, and also most well behaved cat! She has a very particular way of romping down the stairs, lives for any and all treats, and stays in bed when she is tucked in at night! Her favorite thing is to be held like a baby and to play fetch!